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Verbatik is a powerful text-to-speech (TTS) service that uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesise natural-sounding human speech. You can use Verbatik to create various media content such as audio books, podcasts, voice contents and also applications that talk. Verbatik offers a range of realistic voices in over 135 languages and dialects, allowing you to choose the perfect voice for your project. You can also adjust the emotion, tone, and style of the voice to match your needs.

Verbatik has a simple yet powerful text editor that lets you easily convert any text into speech. You can also use Verbatik's browser extension to create speech from any article on the internet. Verbatik allows you to export your speech in MP3 and WAV formats, with commercial and broadcast rights. You can also do unlimited revisions and edit the text as much as you want before creating the perfect voiceover.

Verbatik is trusted by over 5,000 users around the world who have used it to create over 1 billion characters of speech. Whether you're creating a podcast, video tutorial, or presentation, Verbatik can help you save time and resources while providing high-quality audio. Try it today and see how easy it is to bring your content to life with AI-powered TTS voices.