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If you are looking for a high-quality neural voice AI service that can create unique content for various purposes, you might want to check out SteosVoice (formerly CyberVoice). SteosVoice is a platform that offers vocal cords of artificial intelligence for everyone. You can use SteosVoice to dub videos, donations, indie games, mods, create podcasts, congratulate your patrons, make money on your voice, and more.

SteosVoice has over 50 voices in different languages and styles, including video game characters and famous dubbing voices. You can also create your own voice by uploading audio files of your pronunciation of sentences. SteosVoice uses advanced AI technologies to synthesize realistic and natural sounding speech from text input.

You can access SteosVoice through their website or their Telegram bot. The website allows you to generate audio output from text input, download the audio files, and manage your account and balance. The Telegram bot allows you to generate audio output from text input and send it as a voice message. The bot is free forever with a limit of 5000 characters daily and a maximum synthesis volume of 250 characters. You can also purchase a plan or additional symbols to increase your limit and access more features.

SteosVoice also provides a public API for developers who want to integrate SteosVoice into their projects. The API allows you to get a list of available voices, get the number of available characters, get a list of available rates, and submit a speech synthesis request. The API is suitable for voice acting of articles on websites, telegram channels, audio books, replicas for characters, pre-generation of replicas for caller robots, and so on.

SteosVoice is a great tool for creativity and content creation. You can use it to explore new horizons of YouTube by creating videos in a non-native language or telling the story of the game's lore with the voices of its characters. You can also use it to voice donations on streams, create mods for video games, dub indie games in multiple languages, and more.

If you are interested in SteosVoice and want to learn more about it, you can visit their website at https://cybervoice.io/en. You can also join their Discord community, Telegram channel, VK public community, YouTube channel, or support them on Patreon or Boosty. SteosVoice is constantly developing and adding new voices and features, so stay tuned for more updates.