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Pixelicious is a website that allows you to convert your images into pixel art. Pixel art is a style of digital art that uses pixels, or small squares of color, to create graphics. Pixel art is often used for video games, especially retro-style games.

To use Pixelicious, you just need to upload your image and choose how much you want to pixelate it. You can also remove the background of your image if you want. Then, you can download your pixel art image and use it for your own projects.

Pixelicious is made by Hugo Duprez, a web developer who loves pixel art. He built the website with SvelteKit, Tailwind, MongoDB and Express JS. He also provides a privacy policy and terms of service for the users.

Pixelicious is a fun and easy way to create pixel art from any image. You can use it for game development, art projects, or just for fun. Try it out and see what you can create!