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EbSynth is a software tool that allows you to transform video footage into stylized motion paintings. It uses a technique called example-based image synthesis, which means that you can provide a hand-painted keyframe as a style reference, and EbSynth will apply the same style to the rest of the video.

EbSynth can also use additional guides, such as segmentation masks or illumination passes, to control how the style is transferred across different regions or lighting conditions.

EbSynth is not based on neural networks, but on a fast implementation of non-parametric texture synthesis algorithms. This means that it preserves the fine details and crisp edges of the original images, without introducing any blurring or artifacts. EbSynth can handle complex textures and patterns, as well as subtle variations in color and tone. EbSynth can also produce coherent results across multiple frames, avoiding flickering or inconsistency.

EbSynth can be used for various creative purposes, such as artistic style transfer, non-photorealistic rendering, content-aware inpainting, and super-resolution. You can use EbSynth to create stunning animations, visual effects, illustrations, or digital paintings. EbSynth is easy to use and integrates well with other software tools. You can download the beta version of EbSynth for free from its official website: https://ebsynth.com/. The final professional version will require a license and will be paid.

If you want to learn more about EbSynth and see some examples of its capabilities, you can watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Lm6y9f5Gxw. You can also visit the GitHub page of EbSynth: https://github.com/jamriska/ebsynth, where you can find more information about the technical aspects of the tool, as well as the source code and documentation. EbSynth is a powerful and versatile tool for transforming video by painting over a single frame. Try it out and unleash your creativity!