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Phraser is a web-based application that allows users to create and share images with artificial intelligence (AI). It is designed for collaborative use of AI by artists, designers, marketers, and other creative professionals. Phraser has several features that make it a unique and powerful tool for generating and editing images with AI.

One of the main features of Phraser is its collection of AI models that can generate images from text prompts. Users can choose from over 40 models, including Stable Diffusion, DALL·E 2, Midjourney, and many others. Each model has its own style and capabilities, and users can experiment with different prompts to see what the AI can create. Users can also use Phraser's prompt builder to write better prompts for neural networks and get suggestions and feedback from the app.

Another feature of Phraser is its ability to create variations of images and edit them with inpainting. Users can generate multiple versions of an image with different colors, shapes, details, and styles. They can also use inpainting to erase or fill in parts of an image with AI. This allows users to fine-tune their creations and explore new possibilities.

Phraser also has a feature for collecting and sharing images with others. Users can create collections of their favorite images or browse through collections made by other users. They can also search through millions of generated images by keywords or categories. Users can share their images and collections with their team members or with the Phraser community of creatives.

Phraser offers different pricing plans for different levels of usage and access to features. Users can start for free with 100 credits for creations per month, or choose from four paid plans: Basic ($2/month), Blue ($7.98/month), Expert ($11/month), or Pro ($16/month). Each plan gives users more credits for creations, more available models, and more features such as variations, inpainting, and private mode.

Phraser is the leading app for collaborative use of AI. It helps users turn their ideas into reality in seconds with Phraser's image generator online. It also provides users with inspiration, feedback, and visibility in the community of creatives. Phraser is trusted by over 70,000 users from various industries and backgrounds. Phraser is the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to create cool images with AI.