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Sexy AI refers to tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate images based on your descriptions. These tools are ideal for people who want to create visually appealing artwork featuring people, especially attractive women, without needing to draw or paint themselves.

Key Features of sexy.ai

  • Image Generation: Create original images using AI models trained on various visual styles and aesthetics.
  • Video Generation: Generate AI-powered videos, likely through combining image generation with animation or other techniques.
  • Personal Galleries: Users can curate and showcase their AI-generated content in personalized galleries.
  • AI Models: The platform offers a selection of AI models, each specialized in different styles or genres, such as fantasy, sci-fi, or portraiture.

How Does Sexy AI Work?

  • You provide a written description of the image you have in mind.
  • The AI analyzes your description and uses its knowledge of vast image datasets to generate a picture.
  • You can review the image and make adjustments to your description or use editing tools within the platform (depending on the specific tool).

What is Sexy AI Pricing?

Sexy AI functionality is often integrated into existing AI art generation tools.  These tools may offer different pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: Great for casual users. Allows unlimited image generation, but in batches of 2 images at a time.
  • Tier 1 Pro Plan Upgrade ($14.99 monthly, $119.88 yearly): Ideal for regular users. Offers unlimited image generation, video generation capability, batching of 4 images at a time, and additional options.
  • Tier 2 Pro Plan ($29.99 monthly, $227.88 yearly): Perfect for power users. Provides the fastest processing priority, early access to new features, batching of 4 images, and video generation.