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Create high-quality podcasts and voiceovers that sound professional with Adobe Podcast.

Enhance spoken audio with just one click
Focus on your story, not your sound. Adobe Podcast’s AI makes voice recordings sound as if they were recorded in a professional studio.

Analyze your recording setup with AI
Adobe Podcast AI helps you get professional sound without professional equipment. Use Mic Check to get the best setup from your microphone and recording environment.

Edit audio like a doc
Adobe Podcast Studio transcribes every word using the same industry-leading transcription as Adobe Premiere Pro. Simply cut, copy, and paste your audio just like a text document. Editing audio has never been easier.

Professional-grade recording
Record high quality audio by yourself or with remote guests. Adobe Podcast Studio captures everyone’s audio as individual tracks in 16-bit 48k WAV, even if someone’s internet connection isn’t perfect.

Pre-edited royalty free music
Every podcast needs good music. Choose from podcast-ready sound collections with intros, outros, transition sounds, and background music.

AI-powered audio APIs
Learn more about Adobe Audio Services APIs for audio enhancement, analysis, and generation.