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Wonder Dynamics is a company that has developed an AI tool called Wonder Studio, which can automatically animate, light and compose computer-generated (CG) characters into a live-action scene. Wonder Studio is a web-based application that simplifies the process of creating realistic and immersive visual effects (VFX) for filmmakers and storytellers.

Wonder Studio works by detecting the actor's performance based on single-camera footage and transferring it to the CG character of your choice. The system can handle multiple characters, dynamic camera movements, and different lighting conditions. You can upload your own 3D model or use some of the free characters from the artist community. You can also export the individual elements of your VFX work, such as motion capture, character pass, alpha mask, clean plate, camera track and blender file, into the software you already use.

Wonder Studio is designed to automate 80%-90% of the "objective" VFX work and leave the artist with the remaining "subjective" work, which can be adjusted according to their creative vision. Wonder Studio aims to make hard VFX shots a thing of the past and enable anyone to create sci-fi worlds with ease.

Wonder Dynamics was founded by Nikola Todorovic and Tye Sheridan, who are both passionate about filmmaking and technology. They have a team of advisors and investors that include renowned directors, producers, researchers and entrepreneurs in the fields of AI and entertainment.