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Watermarkly allows to hide sensitive information on photos before publishing them online. It can automatically detect and blur faces and license plates on thousands of images at once. You can choose which faces to blur and which to keep sharp. The app works in the browser itself using Edge AI. Your images always stay on your device.

Watermarkly is an advanced tool designed to safeguard sensitive information present in photos before sharing them online. Its primary function involves concealing specific elements within images to protect privacy and maintain confidentiality. With its capabilities, Watermarkly offers a comprehensive suite of features, notably:

Sensitive Information Concealment: Users can obscure sensitive details such as faces and license plates in photos effortlessly. This feature is particularly useful when bulk editing a large number of images at once.

Automated Detection and Blurring: The tool employs advanced algorithms powered by Edge AI to automatically detect faces and license plates across numerous images. This automation significantly streamlines the process, saving time and effort.

Customized Blurring Options: Watermarkly offers users the flexibility to choose which faces or license plates to blur and which ones to retain in sharp focus. This level of customization ensures precise control over the editing process.

Browser-Based Functionality: Operating within a web browser, Watermarkly provides convenience and accessibility without requiring users to download or install additional software. This approach simplifies usage across various devices without compromising performance.

Local Image Processing: Crucially, the tool ensures that user images remain secure by performing all processing tasks locally on the user's device. This commitment to data privacy means that the images never leave the user's control or get stored on external servers.

Overall, Watermarkly represents a powerful solution for individuals or businesses seeking to safeguard private information within images before sharing them online. Its combination of automated detection, customizable editing options, browser-based functionality, and a commitment to user data security makes it a valuable asset for maintaining confidentiality in the digital realm.