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TrendSpider is a smart trading software that helps active traders and investors make better trading decisions. It combines various tools such as charts, automation, technical analysis, price alerts, market scanner and backtesting system in one platform. TrendSpider supports data for stocks, ETFs, global currencies, digital assets, futures, indices and more.

- Strategy Development Tools: You can create, test and refine your trading strategies using historical data without coding. You can also deploy your strategies as alerts or automated trading bots.
- Scanning, Charting and Analysis Tools: You can search the market for trading ideas using technical scanning, fundamental screening, unusual options, alternative data and dark pools. You can also use automated analysis and pattern recognition to find trends and patterns on the charts.
- Trade Timing Tools: You can use dynamic price alerts and multi-timeframe alerts to time your trades precisely. You can also use automated trading bots to execute your trades automatically.

TrendSpider is designed to help you make smarter, faster and more strategic trading decisions. You can start a free trial or explore the product on their website.