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Maket is transforming design through the power of generative AI. This platform enables architects, designers, contractors, developers, and builders to streamline residential floorplan creation, 3D rendering, and explore countless design styles. Maket makes it simple to automate and iterate.

Maket's virtual assistant provides invaluable insights to inform design choices. Get expert guidance on building materials, budgeting, and exploring design possibilities.

Easily navigate complex zoning codes and regulations. Ensure your residential designs comply with requirements to avoid delays. Maket's Regulatory Assistant reviews codes, so you don't have to.

Stop spending months on initial designs. Simply input spatial parameters and constraints through Maket's intuitive interface or conversational UI. Instantly generate hundreds of residential floorplan options to iterate on.

  • Set room sizes, adjacencies, and more
  • Generate floorplans in seconds
  • Export .DXF files effortlessly

Ask questions in plain language about materials, costs, and options to make confident decisions. Maket's assistant provides expert responses, so you can optimize designs.

Effortlessly comply with zoning. Upload PDFs of codes. Ask questions and get instant answers. Maket makes regulatory navigation easy.