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Loopin is a web-based tool that helps you run productive meetings and manage your tasks efficiently. It integrates with your calendar and other work apps to create a collaborative workspace where you can prepare for meetings, take notes, assign action items, and follow up on outcomes. Loopin also helps you plan your workday by blocking time for important tasks and automating low-leverage work. With Loopin, you can reclaim up to 20% of your daily meeting time and focus on what matters most.

Loopin uses AI technology to generate meeting summaries with updates and action items, without requiring manual notes. It also provides relevant context from related meetings at your fingertips. Loopin works well with other apps such as Gmail, Slack, Zoom, Notion, Asana, and Trello to keep everyone in the loop. You can sign up for Loopin with your Google Workspace account and try it for free. Loopin is trusted by more than 10,000 teams and has been featured on Product Hunt.