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KREA is a web-based tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help creatives find and generate images for their projects. KREA has two main features: a search engine and a prompt generator. The search engine allows users to browse through a large database of images created by AI artists from different styles and genres. Users can filter their search by keywords, modifiers, and artists' names. For example, they can search for "futuristic city 8k" or "art by Pablo Picasso". Users can also copy the keywords and image links of the images they like and save them to their KREA account for future reference.

The prompt generator allows users to create their own prompts for generating images using AI. Users can enter keywords and modifiers to describe the image they want, such as "alien landscape matte painting" or "photography portrait character photography". The prompt generator will then show them a selection of images that match their criteria, which they can save or modify further.

KREA is a creative tool for the AI age that aims to inspire and assist creatives in their work. KREA is currently in private beta, but users can sign up to receive updates and join the discord community. KREA is also looking for talented AI artists who want to showcase their work on the platform.