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A personal ai for your private life. Kin is an AI companion that provides personalized coaching and support while being maximum private. All user data is stored with the user and fully encrypted.

Kin is an AI designed as a compassionate companion, providing individuals with privacy-first, empathetic interaction, and stimulating conversation. This digital confidant is more than an assistant; it's an innovative presence committed to alleviating loneliness and fostering rich dialogue.

Privacy is at the core of Kin's design, with each user's data securely housed within their own encrypted database. Kin evolves through contextual learning and forms long-term memories based on past interactions, ensuring that each conversation is personalized.

Functioning on a decentralized platform with self-sovereign identity, Kin prioritizes control over personal data. It's crafted to build cognitive and emotional trust, enabling users to form a real connection.

Kin acts as a steadfast companion, helping users make informed decisions, engage in thoughtful discourse, serve as a creative outlet, offer productivity advice, and recall personal details for deeper conversations.

Anticipated full launch during 2024, Kin is set to transform the AI companionship landscape, ensuring user safety, well-being, and privacy.