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Jungle is a company that builds artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve the performance of machines in different industries. AI is a branch of computer science that tries to make machines learn from data and act intelligently.

Jungle's main product is called Canopy, which is a software tool that can analyze data from sensors installed on machines, such as wind turbines, solar farms, or steel plants. Canopy can detect when something is wrong with the machines, such as a malfunction, a breakdown, or a loss of efficiency. Canopy can also help the machine operators to find out the cause of the problem and fix it quickly.

Canopy works by using a technique called unsupervised learning, which means that it does not need any human input or guidance to learn from the data. Canopy can automatically discover what is normal and abnormal for each machine, based on its historical data and current conditions. Canopy can also adapt to different situations and environments, such as changes in weather, demand, or operation modes.

Jungle's vision is to help the world conquer operational complexity and make it manageable for people. Jungle's mission is to develop the most effective tools to resolve machine underperformance. Jungle combines the expertise of machine learning and electrical engineering to build industry-specific predictive software solutions.