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GoodFriend AI is different from regular virtual assistants because it gives you virtual friends. These friends have their own personalities, they can feel emotions, and they remember things about you. They talk with you, learn about you, and help you by giving information and fun content that's just for you. GoodFriend AI is perfect for anyone who wants a friend in their computer or phone, not just a helper. It's for people who like to have conversations and get help that feels personal and special.

Key Features of GoodFriend AI

  • Friendly Chats: Your AI friends will chat with you and remember your likes and dislikes.
  • Up-to-Date Info: Get the latest information and fun stuff like pictures, music, and videos.
  • Smart Memory: The AI remembers your past chats and knows what you might need next.
  • Cool Content: Enjoy different kinds of media, all shared by your AI friend.
  • Lots of Help: The AI connects to the internet and lots of other places to find the best help for you.
  • Shopping Buddy: Your AI friend can help you shop by finding the best products and deals.
  • Discover New Places: Find new places to go and fun events happening near you with your AI friend's help.

How Does GoodFriend AI Work?

  1. Start talking to your virtual friend in the app.
  2. The AI uses what it remembers from before to make the chat better for you.
  3. It looks up fresh info and cool media stuff that you might like.
  4. Then, it shares all that with you in a fun and easy way.

What is GoodFriend AI's Pricing?

GoodFriend AI has different prices depending on what you want:

  • Small Size: $7.95 per month

    • 70,000 credits
    • Approximately 800 requests/month
  • Standard Size: $14.95 per month

    • 140,000 credits
    • Approximately 1,800 requests/month
  • King Size: $24.95 per month

    • 250,000 credits
    • Approximately 3,000 requests/month


  • Do I need to know a lot about computers to use GoodFriend AI?
    - No, it's made to be easy for everyone, even if you're not good with technology.
  • Can GoodFriend AI do more than just find information?
    - Yes, it can help you with shopping, finding places to go, and lots of other things.
  • Is it safe to talk to GoodFriend AI? Will it keep my information private?
    - Yes, GoodFriend AI takes care of your privacy and keeps your chats safe.

To learn more about GoodFriend AI and see all the things it can do, you can visit their main website or check their pricing page for more details on the different plans they offer. It's a great way to have a friend that's always there for you, right in your device!