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If you are looking for a smart and easy way to manage your calendar, you might want to check out Dola AI. Dola is an AI agent calendar assistant tool powered by GPT-4, the latest and most advanced natural language processing technology.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Modal add/edit/search/cancel calendar events: All you need to do is to send/forward chats (texts, images, voice) to Dola via your messenger app. Dola transforms the info into plans & calendar alerts.
  2. AI Alerts/reminders: Dola sends alerts/reminders in your messenger app like your personal secretary. For strong notifications, you can opt to sync Dola with other calendar apps like Google or iOS calendar.
  3. Complex tasks made simple: Dola processes the most complicated calendar tasks by your simplest chat. Discover more cases at https://hidola.ai
  4. Download-free: Easily add Dola as a special contact within iMessages, Whatsapp, Telegram, or Line, and start converting chats into schedules in no time.
  5. AI assistant in your group chat: Bring Dola into your group chats too. As soon as a plan is made, cue "Dola" to add, edit, cancel or search related events. Currently, this feature is exclusive to Telegram and Line.
  6. Syncable: Connect Dola with Google or iOS calendar to keep your alerts synchronized across all your devices.
  7. Free: The beta version is 100% free with no tricks.
Who is Benefiting from Dola AI?
  1. Top-tier executives & senior managers: use Dola to streamline busy work and personal schedules.
  2. Executive assistants: use Dola to enhance job efficiency and manage intensive work details.
  3. Super individuals: use Dola to boost productivity by staying organized with the least effort.
  4. Work groups: use Dola to keep everyone posted.
  5. Family chat groups: use Dola to keep everyone updated/reminded on family plans & to-dos.
  6. Friends chat groups: use Dola to plan parties & keep everyone alerted & entertained ; P
What Makes Dola AI Unique?
Created by a team of the world's most experienced engineers, Dola AI has undergone over 100 version updates in the past 45 days to perfect its workflows, prompt engineering, and agent engineering. We promise to deliver the most seamless user experience in everyday life.
Our vision for the next 20 years is to evolve AI agent engineering applications, allowing users to perform complex tasks using only natural language - and all before we take advantage the next more advanced technology. You can trust Dola AI for a reliable and proactive tool to enhance your day-to-day tasks with long-term engineering updates.

Where Can I Use Dola AI?
Dola AI is supported on iMessages, Whatsapp, Telegram, and Line. Copy paste the corresponding link for fast access:
Where Can You Reach Dola AI for Questions & Feedback?