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CoolAIid is a new AI-powered platform that helps you design your home with ease. Simply upload a photo of your space, and CoolAIid will generate a variety of design options based on your preferences. You can then choose the design that you like best and have it rendered in 3D.

CoolAIid offers a wide range of design options, including furniture, flooring, paint colors, and more. You can also use CoolAIid to create custom designs. For example, you can specify the exact size and shape of your furniture, or you can choose from a variety of custom paint colors.

CoolAIid is a great way to save time and money on home design. With CoolAIid, you can get professional-looking designs without having to hire an interior designer. Plus, CoolAIid is affordable.

  • Save time: CoolAIid can help you save time by generating design options for you. This means you can focus on other things, like choosing the perfect furniture or paint colors.
  • Save money: CoolAIid is an affordable way to get professional-looking home designs. Plans start at just $5 per month.
  • Get creative: CoolAIid lets you get creative with your home design. You can choose from a variety of furniture, flooring, paint colors, and more. You can also create custom designs.