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Clonable is a great option for anyone who wants to expand their online presence and reach new customers in different languages. It offers a simple and convenient way to create multilingual websites without having to deal with the hassle and expense of hiring translators or developers.

Do you want to have a webshop or website translated? With Clonable you can easily clone a website to a sub- or other domain, making it even easier to promote your services or products to non-native speakers.

If you own a hotel, or are on the board of a regional tourist board, for example, you may want to serve English- or German-speaking visitors as well. Or if you have a successful webshop, you probably also want to try to sell your products on the French or German market. But a .nl website will not score on Google.fr or Google.de.

Instead of building an entirely new website and having to transfer all the content, possibly having it translated, and maintaining two sites, Clonable gives you a foreign site within 5 minutes. Because it is a live copy, changes on the original site are automatically applied (and translated) to the cloned site.