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Experience the new era of meetings . Clearword is a real-time AI meeting assistant that creates summary notes and completes actions live during your calls, then stores all meeting data in a searchable library, always at your fingertips. Works with Google Meet, Teams & Zoom.

Clearword is a generative meeting partner using artificial intelligence in real-time - making it possible to have AI intelligently work for you, live in meetings. 

It joins your calls, writes your notes, creates your action items, drafts your follow up email and fills your CRM - automatically. It transforms meetings from being talk about work, into talk doing the work. 

It then stores all meeting data including a clever AI summary of the meeting in a searchable library allowing ease of access to crucial meeting data and enabling sharing & collaboration across your team.

Key Features

  • Perfect meeting memory with zero effort - Say goodbye to admin work and follow-ups. Clearword automatically creates a meeting summary, action items, video recording, transcript & more, assembling it into a concise, useful document. All your meeting information, effortlessly organized in a single source of truth.
  • Notes created for you in real-time. - Be more focused in meetings and save time by letting Clearword take the notes. Clearword actively supports you on a call, creating summary notes for you and identifying useful work tasks it can help complete. Have better, more productive meetings with zero-effort. Your notes written for you, your tasks created for you.
  • Automate your meeting admin - Turn discussions into actions. During your meeting, Clearword automatically identifies tasks, creates action items, drafts the content then seamlessly exports to tools like Notion, Hubspot, Jira or wherever you work. Ensure you never miss a task, or have to write one
  • Searchable Knowledge Base - Immediately create clarity and alignment for your teams. Clearword automatically curates and organizes a searchable meeting library where you can edit, share and collaborate with your team. Search and find anything with CTRL+F for your meetings.
  • Privacy First Platform - Some conversations are best kept private. That’s why Clearword puts you in total control of the privacy settings and processes for your meetings. From confidential information to personal preferences, how you meet is up to you. Choose to record video, or just the text.
  • Integrations - Integrate and automate your workflow. Log meeting notes, transcripts, and recordings in your CRM and collaboration apps like Hubspot, Jira, Notion, Google Docs, Gmail + more.