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Cheat Layer is a platform that allows you to automate your business tasks using natural language. It uses a custom-trained machine learning model called Project Atlas, which can build automations for you in simple language, like having a conversation with an engineer. You can also use Cheat Codes, which are pre-made automations that you can discover and use for various purposes. For example, you can scrape data from websites, generate images from text, or create software products without coding.

Cheat Layer is different from other automation tools because it uses a powerful machine learning model that can understand natural language and perform complex tasks. You don't need to learn any coding or use any complicated interfaces. You just need to install the Cheat Layer extension on your Chrome browser and start automating your workflows. You can also share your automations with others or sell them as products.

Cheat Layer has thousands of happy users who have saved time and money by using the platform. Some of the benefits they have reported are:

- Eliminating repetitive tasks that consume hours of work
- Creating software products that they can sell or use for their own business
- Accessing current events and information better than Google
- Learning new skills and discovering new possibilities with automation

If you want to try Cheat Layer for yourself, you can download the extension from their website or from the Chrome Web Store . They offer a risk-free 60 day moneyback guarantee and different pricing plans to suit your needs. You can also join their office hours and get help from consultants who can build automations for you live.