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ChatDOC is a web-based tool that lets you chat with your documents and get instant answers with cited sources. It uses a powerful AI model called ChatGPT to read and understand PDF files, such as research papers, books, manuals, and more.

You can upload your own files or use a URL to access them online. Then you can ask any question about the content of the files, and ChatDOC will give you easy-to-understand answers within seconds. You can also start a thread to ask follow-up questions, or select specific tables or texts to get more accurate answers. ChatDOC will also provide you with the original citations from the files, so you can check the accuracy and reliability of the answers. ChatDOC is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn faster and better from large-scale documents. You can try it for free or subscribe to a pro plan for more features and quota. ChatDOC is available on the web, as well as on desktop and mobile devices.