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CF Spark Art generates AI images with just a few words and clicks. This AI art generator produces unique image variations in your image ratio of choice with a single text prompt. Use the tool for free to experiment and get creative.

CF Spark Art is an AI text-to-image generator developed by Creative Fabrica, a popular website and marketplace where you can download digital assets for crafting and other creative projects. The AI tool combines the algorithms of Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2, making its image generation smoother and more stable.

The user interface of CF Spark Art is simple and easy to navigate. To generate an image, users simply need to type in a text prompt in the prompt field. There’s an option to choose an image ratio to customize the output. Below the text field, there is a list of suggested art styles that users can incorporate into their prompt. 

One convenient feature of CF Spark Art is its Prompt Builder Extension. The extension tool helps users build a text prompt to use on the AI art generator. It covers art medium, dimensionality, geometry, post-processing and more. Users can combine these characteristics to their existing text prompt to make their AI image as close to their vision or requirement as possible.