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Andi is a new type of search engine that uses generative AI and language models to provide answers to questions, summarize information, and navigate websites. Unlike traditional search engines that only return links, Andi aims to give you direct and relevant answers, like chatting with a smart friend. Andi also lets you set it as your default search engine and homepage for quick and easy access. In this blog post, we will introduce you to Andi and show you how to use its features.

Andi is based on the idea that search should be more than just finding information, but also understanding and using it. Andi uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate factually correct answers from multiple sources, and to explain and synthesize information in a concise and clear way. Andi can also help you navigate to the top websites by typing commands like "go amazon books" or "go youtube music" in the address bar.

To use Andi, you can simply type your question or query in the search box on https://andisearch.com/ or in your browser's address bar if you have set Andi as your default search engine. Andi will then generate an answer for you, along with links to the sources it used. You can also ask follow-up questions or request more details by typing them in the chat box below the answer. Andi will try to keep the conversation going and help you find what you need.

To set Andi as your default search engine and homepage, you can follow the instructions on https://www.andisearch.com/default/ for different browsers. For example, for Chrome, you can go to Settings > Search engine > Manage search engines > Add and enter the following information:

- For Search engine enter Andi
- For Keyword enter andi
- Under URL with %s in place of query paste in https://andisearch.com/?query=%s

Then click Add and make Andi your default search engine. You can also set Andi as your homepage by going to Settings > On Startup > Open a specific page > Set pages and clicking Use current pages.

Andi is still in development and constantly improving its features and performance. You can learn more about Andi and its team on https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/andi, where they share their vision and progress. You can also give feedback and suggestions to Andi by clicking the feedback button on the bottom right corner of the website. Andi is always happy to hear from you and learn from your input.

We hope you enjoy using Andi and find it useful for your online needs. Andi is more than just a search engine, it's a search assistant that can help you with anything you want to know or do on the web.